Dodecadragons - a review

Dodecadragons is an incremental game that runs in a browser created by Demonin. It is a work of pure evil, and I loved it.

Like other incremental games, the game here is basically watching numbers go up as you unlock new resources and upgrades to make the numbers go up faster. But what sets dodecadragons apart is just how incredibly well paced it is.

Probably the best way I could describe the pace of this game is that it’s constantly keeping you on the edge. Repeatedly you get so close to the next unlock or upgrade, but not quite there. It’s dangerously “just another few minutes and I’ll get the next unlock”, and dangerously “oh that doesn’t seem too far off, I can keep going until I get that”.

Dodecadragons is so well paced it’s the first time I have ever enjoyed prestiging in an incremental game. Prestige mechanics always felt bad to me in other games because it felt like such a grind to get back to where I was before the prestige, but that is not the case in dodecadragons, and I found myself genuinely wanting to do a reset during parts of the game where one hadn’t happened in a while.

I didn’t encounter any major bugs while playing, although did encounter some visual weirdness with the way the game writes large numbers, so something can seem like it should be affordable but isn’t because it’s more expensive and the number is just written in a format where you can’t tell that.

If you start it, this game will eat your life. It ate mine, until I completed it. I recommend staying away unless you are willing to fall down a rabbit hole a couple weeks long. But if you like incremental games and know you have the self control to enjoy one responsibly, this is a very good one.

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