My FAWM 2022 Experience

February is over, and with it, FAWM (february album writing month) is over. I challenged myself to write 14 songs in February, and I successfully wrote…10! Or 6. Depends on how you count it (10 songs submitted to FAWM, 6 I’d consider “songs” by my own criteria). I actually started FAWM on the 10th, because I had exams and other things that were more important to deal with for the first half of febuary, so I wasn’t expecting to reach the 14-song mark. Instead, I set myself some other challenges and targets:

How’d I do?

Really well actually! I achieved all of my targets and more, which can’t really be said for other creative challenges I’ve taken on. I wish I could have made 14 songs but time is time. I also made a few songs (going meta, king in black) that i’m actually quite happy with and might turn into real songs sometime.

What was it like?

Good fun! I got some nice comments on some of my stuff and the community was overall really chill and helpful. I 100% recommend doing a FAWM if the idea interests you!

however, I feel like in a way it also limited my creativity, or changed it at least. The focus on making and releasing actual songs meant that I didn’t spend as much time jamming, which is something I really like doing.

If you want to listen to any of my stuff it’s all on my FAWM profile:

me on FAWM

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