on obligatory-feeling blog posts

I rewrote my blog backend. It’s now not hugo but an SSG I wrote myself. I won’t be open sourcing it, and I do not care to write a post about it. It’s boring. It’s a static site generator, and one that is only useful for my personal blog specifically, and the most boring blog posts are the ones that are about the blog they are on.

But I still somehow feel like I have a kind of obligation to write a post about it. To give y’all a peak behind the metaphorical curtain, to talk about the technical problems and how I solved them, the features, the things that make it interesting, but like. There really aren’t any. It’s yet another thing that takes a folder of markdown files and turns them into a folder of HTML files.

So why is it I felt an obligation to write a blog post about this? Some idea of making an announcement? Hacker tradition? I mean, I guess some links might be broken although I did my best not to let that happen. I just find it very strange that I felt like I was obligated to make a blog post, somehow, and I made it.

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