Documenting Projects (and a question)

I’ve been wanting to blog more about projects I’ve done and how I did them, sharing those creative things, but I’ve run into a few problems that make me unsure if doing so is worth it.

Firstly, that most of my projects are things that feel fun to me but are actually very boring when I think about them (like the project that prompted this post, my new dance game setup, the main parts of which were making a foam mat and a small bracket). There’s not much to actually talk about with these things, other than “look I made a thing”.

Also, most of my projects are very situational - it’s not a case of “here is an [x] you can make” but rather “I was in situation [x] and wanted a [y] so I made one”. These things are often made using scrap materials from other things, or are only possible becuase of other things happening to be the way they are in my life. So I can’t really write anything like a tutorial or even say what kind of wood I used for [x] because I literally don’t know: it’s scrap material.

Is there any value to posts about projects like this?

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