Book Review: How to Take Smart Notes

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I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this book. On the one hand, it was an interesting read, and certainly from it I learned how to use the zettelkasten (and I have started doing so), Although so far I've found that many of my notes just don't fit the format at all, as most are project specific (which are to be kept seperately). Almost all of the practical information is this book is focused in the first 5 or so chapters. The rest is an interesting deeper look into how and why the zettelkasten works, but it is less "how to take smart notes" and more of a "why these notes are smart". I'd recommend this book, but I'd recommend deeply reading the first few chapters, then skimming the rest. It's interesting, but if what you came for is to learn the method, it's largely redundant or adds a little value for a lot of explanation. Zettelkasten is, in a way, too simple a system to write a whole book about.

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