the Steamed Ham is actually AMAZING

I was wrong about the steam deck.

My initial experience with the steam deck and post about it were very negative. And it’s true that I had a bad initial experience getting shipped a faulty unit. But my second unit wasn’t faulty!
It turns out the gyro is just configured in a weird way by default for source engine games.

I’ve had my deck for a while now and honestly I love it. I’ve played and completed more games than I ever have before and really enjoyed it. Emudeck is awesome for playing old stuff and the classics I never got around to. Steam games run fine, and some non-steam stuff works amazingly too (it’s become my device for all my TV watching through kodi and youtube through freetube now as well). It runs everything I throw it at. I rarely have serious issues. it’s great.

This isn’t a proper review. I don’t have anything to add to the review space about this thing. Every in and out of this machine has already been well and properly explored, criticised, and (often) fixed. Instead it’s just here to say - I really like the steam deck. If you want a gaming machine and you can deal with teething troubles you should get one. I fucked up, this thing rules.

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