My 12 Days of Tea TIER LIST

I got a box of an assortment of different teas and infusions for Christmas. Over the 12 days of Christmas (entirely coincidentally, as it turns out) I tasted all of these. Here’s my opinions on them all and a TIER LIST (because Gemini needed tier list content). All teas are from twinings. (the tier list is using abbreviated names because some of these blends have very long names)

A: Jasmine, Earl Grey
B: Pure Green
C: Turmeric, Everyday
D: Citrus and ginger, cranberry and lime, lemon and ginger
E: Beetroot
F: "Glow", Strawberry and Raspberry, Peppermint



I guess I like tea teas (green teas and black teas) more than I like fruity/herbal-y infusions (which tend to be marketed for their health properties more than their taste) in general, and adding overwhelming fruity/herbally stuff to green tea I’m not a fan of either. Jasmine tea and earl grey are both nice. I want to try more different black/green teas now but I kinda know where I am with finding stuff to try.

If anybody here has some teas to suggest me based on this list (or in general), hmu. I’d love some good tea recommendations.

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