Music! I make it. Most stuff here is old sketches, incomplete works, and such.

The quality is mixed, but it’s here for the sake of sharing it. Mostly old.

Bandcamp, for if you want to pay for things. Currently empty.


I tried FAWM (Febuary Album Writing Month, a songwriting challenge) in 2022. Here’s my songs. They’re probably not good but hopefully are at least ideas. Either way I had fun making them.

Flash Game Boss Fight

Song of the King in Black

Going Meta


a safe place


In October 2021 I made a short piece of music every day for the #looptober creative challenge on mastodon. I’ve put all my loops in a zip file, along with a text file containing the mastodon posts they are from, for some additional context. It’s a real mix of stuff, some better and some worse, but I hope you enjoy!

Looptober 2021


A while ago I joined #songaweek on IRC to try and challenge myself to actually release music, and make some things that are different to what I often do. Here are things I made for it:

a dance-y chiptune sketch (week of 2021-09-13)

Louie Zong - Thumbnail (bass cover) (week of 2021-08-20)


Random jams. Top is most recent.

2021-09-20 grid jam

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