Nihilazo's Music

I also have a Bandcamp where I release stuff more properly and you can support me if you want.

Older stuff at Clyp.

Music (Newest First):

2020-03-12 - "Chill Clouds (DMG) (Working Title)"

A chill chiptune jam I made while I was incredibly sleepy. I feel like this one has more in the future, but for now here's the original DMG version.

2020-02-11 - "TidalCycles: Human Music"

In order to mess around with tidalcycles some, I picked a very simple theme (Rick and Morty's "human music") and made a thing from it. Enjoy.

2020-02-11 - "TidalCycles Jam"

First time recording a jam with tidalcycles. Slowly learning it, it's pretty cool.

2020-01-31 - "Last Jam Before the Exit"

This was my first recorded livecoding jam w/ ORCA-c and ardour, planning to do more of these in the future.

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