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This notes page exists to replace the microposts on my old blog. Think of it as a bit like a twitter feed.



Decided to learn haskell. I've tried multiple times, but now I have a little bit of FP background from clojure so I feel like it should be easier.


Just finished watching the Vaush vs Kokesh debate VOD. I get the idea Adam Kokesh would probably be a socialist if he understood the things he talks about.


I want to join a mastodon instance and federate the stuff I write, along with being able to follow other people, but there are so many god damn instances idk where to join


I support XR in blockading the print works. Allegations against them of censoring free press are ridiculous, as are government moves to classify them as criminal. If the government really cared about free press, they would have stepped in before all the newspapers were owned by billionaires, and most of them by a single person.


Every once in a while I feel like learning stenography, but all the time I give up quickly. I should commit to trying properly sometime.


Long time no post, huh? Started writing a daily journal type thing in sitelen pona, maybe expect a post about that in the future. Or some more music. I don't know.

Also been playing skullgirls a bit recently, fighting games are hard and it's my first but I'm enjoying the experience of failing to execute basic combos.


Totally forgot I could post these little status update-y notes too. Might move them over to an actual platform like mastodon so I can have images and video and stuff in them without it being painful.




I just got the title of "Master of 120BPM" on SRPG4 and it's so funny to me I want it to be in my bios


been thinkin bout cute shorts


Some of the lyricism in chocolate rain is honestly pretty great.


give up on your dreams of becoming a baker, it's time to give up on your dreams


I hate that I have certain reactions to things that I know are reactions I shouldn't have and have no reason to have. It's as if I try my best to be moral and a good person but there's still some weird core of hate and misunderstanding.




Given up on my plan for my own site generator for now - might revisit some other time. Tools like bootleg seem a little weird, considering starting from scratch with clojure and just paying the JVM startup costs.


Tried making dalgona coffee. It's OK. Tastes like coffee cake and is probably terrible for you, nothing special


Tommorrow might suck on the internet, especially because everybody now has too much time on their hands.


Bad ideas time - using a lightbulb dimmer switch as a motor speed controller. More news when I actually build this


It's done! sorry for the complete lack of a build log.


getting used to this keyboard might take longer than I expected


Playing ITG stamina is oddly theraputic. More news once I sort my brain out and realise how dumb a statement that was.


I always feel weird when I refer to somebody with neutral pronouns and then the person I'm talking to uses a gendered pronoun to describe the same person. I feel like they're like, lowkey trying to correct me, almost. Even though what they've just done is assume somebody's gender. So kinda In-correcting me.


tfw you realise you're officially not allowed to wear any clothes, because you are neither a "Men's fashion" or "Women's fashion"


The display cable on my psion has died. I was expecting it, but it's still sad when something like that dies. It's literally been with me every day since I got it


A large chinese shopping website (not mentioning which) just took my money for an order I cancelled and customer services are literally down. Fun. Goodbye money!

This is probably illegal.


My Cosplay Fear: Showing up to a con in costume and then finding out that the con is cancelled or I'm at the wrong place


Seems I bought the wrong keycap set for a redox build, so I'm going to have to put it on hold until I get some new ones -_-


chyrosran22 is an entertaining youtuber but he's such a keyboard traditionalist. I feel like he'd get on better with more unusual keyboards if he had less of a "what the fuck were they thinking" attitude to anything except a model M.


Super excited because the last few parts for my redox keyboard build will be arriving soon, stay tuned for a post on that, maybe


Thinking of writing a music sample organiser thingy.


Clothing Brands: "Be Yourself!"

Also Clothing Brands: seperated Men's and Women's sections

Me: Well, I would if I could


Just had a pot of Kabuto Noodle's instant ramen. Far better than pot noodle and the like, and still quite cheap. I need to explore more different brands of instant noodles.


Considering moving from isso to commento for comments. Seems to have more legit moderation features, but it is BIG in comparison to isso.


Me: Buys expensive parts for a custom mechanical keyboard after only very minimal research

Also me: Can't decide what dirt cheap set of replacement eartips to buy because there's too many different ones


I might write a whole blog post about this, but I'm tired of the argument from human nature. Saying something is good because it's "human nature" or letting people off for something because it's "human nature" is a terrible argument in favor of anything.

Firstly, how do we know it's truly "human nature" and not something instilled by society? And second, so many things we do and accept as normal are against this concept of "human nature" which is used to argue in favor of capitalism and to make things like racism seem like less of an issue. Human nature, as understood by these arguments, seems to mean "anything that's bad but I want an excuse for that I might be able to link to an animal behavior".

This is similar to the "of their time" argument - just because someone was born when it was normal to be bigoted doesn't mean they can't learn it's bad later in life. C'mon people.


I also want to add, there's a difference between being open-minded and being naive. Alt med people (aka quacks) criticise scientists and evidence-based practice as being too "closed-minded". Being open minded still means you can be critical, and it stil means you can evaluate things properly. Open-mindedness is being willing to accept things, rather than taking everything at face value.


The British system of naming musical rhythms is a perfect example of one of the problems of society. It's a "traditional" method that obscures the real meaning of everything but we still use it, just because it's traditional.

People argue against me on the drawbacks of this system, but it's clear to me that these so-called benefits also apply to better systems like fractional rhythm (which is used in the US and a lot of the rest of the world, and is what I advocate). This belief - that your use of something just because it's traditional is something can be logically argued for - is completely a lie. Tradition and "this is how I learned it as a kid" are not legitimate reasons for ANYTHING.


Tiny pet hate - when software documentation uses gendered language for the user. Seriously guys, why?


Just finished moving from gitea to gitolite+cgit, was a PITA and probably wasn't worth it. Might write a blog post about it once I get everything 100% working.


just started trying to make kvass, apparently the first step is just to put some toast in boiling water and leave it overnight. ???

This doesn't feel like it should work.


I'm still sorting out some issues with my new git system, should be working again soon


Oliver Thorn once again makes a video presenting a topic in such an artistic and engaging way that also presents far more than typical writings on the topic. 10/10 video


renamed "Thoughts" to "Notes" because it seemed more appropriate, somehow.


Stopped using alacritty because it didn't run on my ancient laptop.


Punching people who try and sell snake oil products, "alternative medicine", and quackery, especially to those with serious conditions, is morally justified. They deserve worse than that even, especially those who prey on vulnerable people. It should be illegal to sell quack medicine or practice non-evidence-based treatment.

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