Wed Feb 5, 2020

I might write a whole blog post about this, but I'm tired of the argument from human nature. Saying something is good because it's "human nature" or letting people off for something because it's "human nature" is a terrible argument in favor of anything.

Firstly, how do we know it's truly "human nature" and not something instilled by society? And second, so many things we do and accept as normal are against this concept of "human nature" which is used to argue in favor of capitalism and to make things like racism seem like less of an issue. Human nature, as understood by these arguments, seems to mean "anything that's bad but I want an excuse for that I might be able to link to an animal behavior".

This is similar to the "of their time" argument - just because someone was born when it was normal to be bigoted doesn't mean they can't learn it's bad later in life. C'mon people.

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