Why Conspiracy Theorists Are (Partially) Correct
Thu Aug 20, 2020

I've been listening to a LOT of the Oh No, Ross and Carrie! Podcast Lately. It's a really interesting look into religion, spirituality, fringe groups, and ridiculous claims, while maintaining a level of respect for the people involved. I appreciate that in an environment so focused on "debunking" these views, a great show comes out of actually engaging with them, while maintaining healthy skepticism. In a (really great) series they did at a Flat Earth conference, they interviewed many of the leading figures in the modern flat earth movement.

The interviewees seemed to all have a similar attitude towards evidence and reason - they question EVERYTHING. The government, the education system, scientific consensus, even as far as the shape of the earth. What struck me about this attitude is that it isn't actually as insane as you might think it is. This is the attitude that has lead to many of the greatest scientific and philosophical discoveries of the past.

I find it disappointing that these conspiracy theorists end up as conspiracy theorists, because a lot of them seem actually fairly smart. There IS major corruption in world governments. There ARE things that are wrong with the education system, and everything ISN'T always as it seems. What these people seem to do is realise and understand this, but then jump to an alternative view without applying the same level of skepticism towards that. These people are understanding that things aren't always as they seem, but then don't have the scientific and logical literacy to point that skepticism towards more productive goals.

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