Free Speech and Moderation Queues
Fri Feb 7, 2020

As of today I'm using a moderation queue on comments on my blog. I know some people might complain this is in violation of my defence of freedom of speech and freedom of information, so let me explain.

For starters, I no longer truly believe absolute free speech can exist, but that's a topic for another post. More importantly is the fact that the comments of a blog aren't meant to be a place for discussion of anything and everything. Blog comments are intended to be on-topic to the subject of the post. The point of them is to give feedback, and add to and discuss the blogger's content in a constructive way.

I have seen my blog comments get mostly used in an off-topic fashion, and found myself deleting a lot of comments because they simply were completely irrelevent to the post. If you have something to say about identity politics, that's fine by me, but it's not relevent to a post about Rick and Morty. Because of this, I've put a moderation queue in place, as has almost every other blog on the internet. My post comments are not a place for free discussion of any topic, or a place for harrassment of anybody.

I don't want to have to put a code of conduct in place for commenting on a blog, that's ridiculous, and this is the best option I have available. This isn't about censoring views I disagree with, it's about keeping comments relevent to the discussion created by the post. Start your own blog if you want to share your opinions on things other than the thing you're commenting on.

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