How I Made My Megumin Staff
Tue Aug 21, 2018

Some time ago, I decided I was going to try cosplaying megumin from konosuba (maybe a post on that soon) and one of the things I was unsure about making the most was her staff. I've decided I'm going to write this as a psuedo-tutorial for people who want to cosplay megumin themselves. (Sorry for bad photos.)

The Finished Staff



Learn From My Mistakes

Before you read the build, there's a few mistakes I made making this that aren't detailed in the post.

The Build

First, I took some PVC pipe and cut it to length, and painted it: (sorry for the awful photo) Pipe

Then I went onto inkscape and traced the staff top shape from a screenshot from the anime into a template I could use for making it from the foam: Inkscape Template Drawing

And then cut that out to a paper template. Paper Template

Afterwards, I got some insulation foam that was roughly the right width. This is the material I'm talking about: Material

Then I cut out the staff shape from the template onto the material, and then shaped it (first by cutting the edges roughly with a knife to make it less blocky, then by sanding):

Afterwards, I used a hole saw drill bit (pictured) to cut a hole in the staff top to fit the pipe, and glued it on: The Staff, Gluing

And while that was gluing, cut out the basic shape for the foot of the staff and then sanded it the same way I did the top of the staff.

The Foot of the staff

I painted the top of the staff, and then left it to dry for a while. It didn't turn out looking as good as I wanted, but it's still good enough. The paint I had been using was some paint I found called "BrushWood". The idea of it was that it could create an actual wood-effect, but it didn't really do that the way I expected it to.

NOTE: I was told after I did this I should've used plasti-dip or something similar before I painted, and that would give me a better effect.

Staff Top, Painted

I then got a skewer and a ball and stuck the ball onto the skewer, to make the orb in the center of the staff.


I realised then that I forgot to make the join between the top of the staff and the staff itself less ugly and I sanded it down, but then had to repaint it. I don't have any photos of this though.

Then I attached the ball to the rest of the staff, and attached the foot. At this point it was almost complete.

Almost Done

And then a few days after, the foam foot broke, so I decided to remake the foot in wood.

Then I sanded up the foot, and cut it so it'd fit in the pipe, and painted it to try and match with the rest.

Then, The staff was pretty much done. All that was left to do was to wrap around the fabric on it, which I did with a bunch of bandages.


I hope this was actually informative, I've just been writing it as a log as I made the thing so there's probably mistakes here and there. If you want the template I used, you can download it from Here.

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