Modding my Shredder to add Manual Control
Wed Nov 13, 2019

I, like many people, have a paper shredder.

A Paper Shredder

This shredder is an old, generic one (I couldn't find any mention of "script" as a brand online) and it has a problem - it only has an "auto" and "reverse" setting, no manual on/off. This would be fine, except the way the auto mode works is with a single sensor in the middle of the shredder, so it will stop running in the middle of shredding any oddly shaped sheets, receipts, and so on, with the only way to fix it being to hold something in front of the sensor, which is slightly dangerous and quite annoying to do). So I decided to add a button to manually run the shredder.

The first thing to do was to open the thing up, to find....Dust! But also the shredding mechanism and a PCB.

The Insides of the Shredder

After looking around the PCB I found the two points where the sensor connected, and by connecting them together I could make the shredder run.


So, I drilled a hole in the back: A hole

and mounted a button there (the button was just a random one I had lying around from something).

The Button

Then I connected it between those two points on the board.

Connected Button

Then it was as simple as screwing the case back together.



This isn't a glamorous mod, or a difficult one, or even really worth talking about from a technical perspective. But I think documenting and sharing even tiny projects like this is important.

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