Psion Impressions
Sun Oct 20, 2019

Today I got a device I've wanted for quite a while, a psion series 5mx. And I'm not sure it's exactly up to what I thought it could do. Don't get me wrong, I love this thing. It's very good for notes so far and I'm using it to write this very post. But it has a few issues.

The main one, for me, is the keyboard. It's mostly a great keyboard, and amazing to have on a device this small, but mine has a few things that I'm not sure are normal. It's quite stiff, and requires slightly more force than I would like to register a key press. The spacebar is also slightly annoying, needing to be hit pretty close to the middle to register. I've also noticed the keyboard really works best when it's flat on a solid surface, or handheld. Other surfaces (likeany soft surface, or using it laptop-style) don't work so well.

Other than that though, I can't complain much. The software feels fast and responsive, the UI is clean, and the display (as low resolution as it is) looks pretty good, although it's difficult to see in certain light.

The only minor complaint I have software-wise is how every application makes a default file in C:/Documents. I find myself deleting these files fairly constantly. I'd also like if voice notes could be saved to drive D, although I assume this isn't possible for technical reasons (CF write speed vs RAM disk, maybe?)

I'll probably have more to say about this thing when I use it more, but as a notepad, voice note recorder, and pocket (well, large pocket) sized word processor, it's a great thing to be able to always carry around.

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