Rick and Morty: Rick's computer is...weird.
Sun Jan 26, 2020

Every now and then I see a computer in a fantasy world that is kinda ridiculous and I want to talk about it, and Rick's computer in Rick and Morty S4E2 is one of them. The first shot we see of Rick's computer shows it booting up, giving us a weird array of boot screens from different systems.

Rick's computer

For a start, this computer seems to have no input devices whatsoever, with a disc-like thing instead of a keyboard. The displays look like green-phosphor CRTs, which is unusual given some of the computer's other specs. For hardware, it has a 128-bit AMD QX3700+ CPU clocked at 8Hz (not GHz, just Hz). It has an NVME M.2 SSD with 400TB of storage, and just over 3.5 million TB of RAM. However, that storage doesn't appear to be his boot device, He seems to actually be booting from another drive, /dev/mmcblsals, which from the name would be an SD card.

On the software side, Rick is running Debian linux, with kernel version 3.2.0. This is quite outdated, being released in 2012, and is highly vulnerable to many attacks, and is being booted using the equally outdated GRUB 1.99, which was released in 2011. Rick needs to update his software. His BIOS would also appear to contain some embedded version of DOS, which is a bit unusual.

The Hologram Projector

This computer also seems to have a hologram projector, which I'm going to pretty much ignore.

So, what a weird machine. It's from all three of 1980, 2012, and the far future, although Rick's made some weird decisions. He's severely underclocked his CPU and is booting ancient linux from an external drive. Maybe he just doesn't care about this PC much - after all, he does use it to literally catalogue his poop.

Also, Rick's lab laptop, from the episode after this one, appears to be practically the same machine, although this one is only running DOS.

Rick's Laptop Rick's Laptop

Maybe they're both remote clients to a single server or something.

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