SSSS. GRIDMAN (First Episode Impressions)
Sun Oct 7, 2018

With every new season comes new anime, and this season is no exception. Today I watched the first episode of the new Studio Trigger show, SSSS. GRIDMAN. SSSS. GRIDMAN is apparently based on a previous live-action Kaiju TV show in japan, which I have never seen. All of my ideas here are as someone who has never seen the original GRIDMAN series, so I'm taking this show on only the value it has as a standalone series.

The episode starts with an amnesiac protagonist waking up in a junk shop and hearing voices from an old computer from a robot called Gridman, telling him to understand his calling. He then brings over some friends who say they cannot see or hear Gridman. At this point I was prepared for this to be a generic action show. Then he starts seeing Kaiju that nobody else can see, and a weird man who is also invisible to others.

After some (mainly uneventful) school scenes, news comes of a Kaiju attack on the city, and he hears Gridman yet again. Through accepting gridman's call he gets sucked into the old junk computer, somehow merges with or pilots Gridman (it's not clear which) and goes out to atack the Kaiju.

Studio Trigger, Masters of the reference Studio Trigger, Masters of the reference

Then we get an action sequence of gridman defeating the Kaiju, during which the school is attacked and the main character's friends find out they can communicate with gridman through the old computer. It's pretty well done, mostly CG but the CG is passable.

Are Those D&D Stats? Are Those D&D Stats?

It ends with a cut to the characters finding out that in fact the school hasn't been damaged, which is weird and will probably set up a new plot arc later. It also seems like the Kaiju are robots, or digital, or something?

Overall, this show seems to be a homage to the older Ultra Series and Gridman series, and has got me interested to check those shows out. So far it seems a little bit generic in its presentation and has some weird plot holes but that should all be resolved in future episodes. Visually it looks pretty good although some of the CG is a bit weird, character designs are also pretty good.

As someone new to the entire Gridman/Ultra series, I'm interested to see more from this show, and maybe check out some of the other things in this series and style.

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