Thoughts 1
Sun Jan 13, 2019

Often, I feel like I want to write a post on a topic but I don't have enough to say on it to justify doing so. This is one of (hopefully) a bunch of posts for these ideas and thoughts that weren't enough for a post of their own. These could be a bit ramble-y.

Linux Distros are suffering from fragmentation.

User choice is a big deal, but I think we have a problem of too much choice in the linux distribution space. Imagine being a new user, looking for an alternative to their previous OS, only to find that they have not a few choices, but thousands, and many lists of the "top 8" or "top 10" distros for new users. This isn't just a new user problem: trying to pick a distro is overwhelming, even for someone who knows what they're looking for. This has also caused a lot of fragmentation within the community, between faithfuls of different distros, package managers, init systems, etc, especially with the sheer amount of new distro projects going on that make little to no change or refinement to what already exists. We need to stop making a new distro every time we have an idea, and start focusing on making things that users of any distro can make use of. We don't need a new distro just because you were unhappy with the default theme of ubuntu.

Rhythm game design is interesting.

Maybe this is just as a rhythm game fan myself, but I find rhythm game design an interesting and somewhat unexplored part of game design. People think of rhythm games as being simple, but it seems to me that it's not that they are simple as much as there just isn't many people talking about the way they are designed. There's a lot more to them than it seems from the surface and I may be writing some more about my observations about rhythm game design in the future.

Clojure and functional programming is neat.

I've been teaching myself the Clojure programming language recently, and it has a lot of neat things about it. Enough has been said on how neat clojure is though, so I won't repeat it here.

I want a new visual theme for this blog.

I've been trying a bunch of different ones, and I've settled on the current "xmin" theme. However, as much as I like it personally for how focused it is on content and not style, it is far from visually attractive, and I'm looking to experiment with more different themes in the future. My problem with most current blog themes is they are either too design-y and don't focus enough on the content or are too minimal like xmin.

I think that's it for thoughts for now. I'm planning on writing a full post about my pop'n music controller build very soon. I don't expect this blog to be super active, but I post when I feel like I should.

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