Why I'm Not Posting Here Often
Thu Nov 15, 2018

Recently this blog has seemed a little deserted. This isn't because I don't want to write any more - I'm still here. It's just that I haven't been writing much, and this is pretty much why.


I want to write more reviews, I liked writing my impressions/review of SSSS.GRIDMAN episode 1 and I was going to write reviews for the other new anime I was starting this season but never actually did it. Mostly this is because when I am watching a show with the intent to review it, I feel like I enjoy it less than otherwise, so I have really just been watching shows for enjoyment rather than writing about them.

Projects, Build-logs, Cosplay...

The reason I'm not writing much about these is I'm just not working on much that would be interesting to write about. All my current hardware/software projects are pretty boring, although I am planning to write something about my budget pop'n music controller project and ITG Breakdown Tool soon. With cosplay it's a similar problem - all of the major cons this year I would visit have already happened and I'm just not working on anything, so I don't have anything to talk about. Going into next year I will probably be posting more related to cosplay as I work on new stuff for that year's cons.

Thinkpieces and Opinions

Despite the fact these were the main reason I originally wanted to start a blog, I haven't made any since it went up. The main reason for this is I just feel like I'm not qualified to talk about a lot of the things I want to talk about. I can't really make a case for my opinion about something with limited knowledge of it, just for someone to tell me every "fact" I'm basing it on is incorrect. Because of this I only feel like I should write opinion posts about things I have lots of knowledge of, but I don't feel there's anything I know enough about to be able to do that.

Anyway, I hope this is enough to say I'm still alive. More actual content coming soon.

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